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NCFS - a Revolution of Ideas

Financing college is an out growth of a parent’s moral obligation to educate their children.  The objectives are to provide better social and economic opportunities for their offspring than they had in spite of the current tight economy and shrinking public funds.  They may approach this moral dilemma without full understanding of the magnitude of this problem. 

The Problem

Few problems facing parents today are as large as the one of how can they afford to send their kids to college.  In recent years college tuition rates have doubled that of inflation.  The problem is so overwhelming that many utilize unsound practices to attempt to finance college.  Examples of this are: taking a second mortgage, cashing in an insurance product, paying for scholarship searches, dipping into retirement plans, taking out huge personal loans or liquidating property—all of which put the entire family’s economic health in jeopardy for many years.  Younger children in the family often are forced to delay entry into college due to the lack of needed funds. 

The Solution

Although the development of social, intellectual and career skills are the primary goals of a good college education, a recent study has revealed that the #1 reason for students’ failure to attain these goals has been the worry over how—or if—their college bills would be paid. 

Traditional methods of approaching a college education today may fall short of their expected goals due to economics and procrastination.  NCFS approaches college education in a very nontraditional manner. The program NCOS offers can ease the stress on the family’s finances, thereby allowing the student to focus on the task at school.  NCFS is a community service company that provides information about college entitlements through the Federal Family Education Loan Program.

The Satisfaction

The services we provide students and parents through information about college entitlements they have as American tax paying citizens as well as providing services for them regarding the maze of forms and deadlines requirements for the loan and college admission process are quite rewarding.  There is also great satisfaction unknowing that we not only provide them the peace of mind of knowing where the financial assistance will come from, but also and more importantly is the peace of mind we can give them by knowing how they will manage these loans after graduation.

The financial assistance parents receive from us to provide for their student’s education is what part of our service is all about.  It is NCFS’ hope that the education students receive will afford them the opportunity to repay their loans after graduation.  However, the debt management capabilities that our program provides a family in the event student is unable to find a job or loses a job during their loan repayment period is the other part of what our service is all about.  Our Debt Management Program can provide loan repayment help if so desired or needed without risking their assets, home or retirement.

The Philosophy

Our concept is built on four primary statements about a College Education that birth the need for our Risk & Debt Management Program.

1)     Regardless where one receives the necessary financial assistance to attend college, repayment help will be needed. 

2)   We also know to loan anyone $20, 30, 40, $50,000 to attend college ... puts someone in serious debt.

3)   Anyone borrowing money today in America has a need and a desire to become a responsible borrower.

4)   Your child has a right to a good education, but it’s going to take money to exercise that right.

The Training

NCFS has developed a very comprehensive field training course curriculum video library for agent representation certification.

This course curriculum video library eliminates covering material in a classroom for three or four days which would create costly airline traveling expense, hotel room and food expense as well as loss of income during class room training scheduling conflicts.

NCFS’ video course training curriculum puts the agent in control of their time and cost. The course curriculum can be viewed any time day or night meaning NO down time during training.


Even though our video course training brings a whole new dimension to Field Training; you still will only get out of it what you put into it. There are course assignments to be completed throughout the curriculum as well as a test that must be passed to become certified to present NCFS’ services to a family.

Upon your certification you will be required to attend a half day “Fast Start Workshop” in your region. No rescheduling or make-ups for this workshop is provided. This workshop is conducted to provide you specifics regarding any updates, questions, needs, and marketing info pertinent to your area. Date, time and place of workshop will be announced upon your course curriculum completion.

An “Advance Workshop and Graduation Ceremony” is held once a quarter for all new representatives in their respective region. Date, time and place of workshop and graduation ceremony will be announced upon your completion of your “Fast Start Workshop”.

The Services

  • Provides a one -stop shop service for all information, advice, and assistance about college entitlements and admission.
  • Educates parents about college costs — PRESENT & FUTURE.
  • Educates parents on accessing nationally available scholarships and grants.
  • Explores with parents their desire to “pay” or" provide” education for their children.  
  • Helps eliminate student loan defaults and its severe consequences through Legitimate Debt Management.
  • Provides the TOTAL COST OF EDUCATION as defined by the school through federally backed student loans at low simple interest rates.
  • Our lender provides additional Loan Cost Reduction Benefits that makes them some of the cheapest loans in the country.
  • Provides students with career view opportunities.
  • Does not require collateral.


NCFS Providing Solutions for Education

The Federal Government’s Student Loan Program

Can Loan

The Entire Amount Available


Regardless of Financial Need!


NCFS Power
Point Presentation






The REAL Cost of College

Attendance includes all of the Following: 

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Books
  • Supplies
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Personal

Making Plans NOW

Which Includes ALL of These Expenses

Can Avoid Interrupting a Child’s College

Education after Enrollment 


Simply Put We Make Education Happen  

NCFS' Turnkey Three-Part Solution   

Part I

We will become a one stop resource for your Personal Counseling and Assessment Services. All the information, advice and assistance needed to tackle the daunting task of college planning. These services will not only help in identifying and estimating those needs but will also help to significantly reduce the Cost and Stress in acquiring a students college education.

  • What do we do and where do we start?
  • What are the deadlines?
  • What is the student’s responsibility?
  • What is the parents’ responsibility?
  • Which college should I attend?
  • What is the best career for me to pursue?
  • Am I eligible for any free money, grants or other scholarships?

Part II

Is where we will help you evaluate the various options you have about your Federal Student Loan Entitlements, eligibility, options and alternative financing through private lending institutions.

Part III

Is where we provide you the Financial Solutions to the all the Risk & Debt Management liabilities created in funding a college education.

NCFS SOLUTION - Pay Yourself

By utilizing National College Funding Services CAP (College Assistance Program) that provides access to low interest government loans and "The Provider," which is an IRS approved insurance graded universal life policy that will not increase your Expected Family Contribution unlike investment graded instruments such as stock, mutual funds, etc.; this insurance graded contract can address all of the risks and debt management liabilities created in borrowing or funding a college education.

"The Provider" is Revolutionary!

Unlike Traditional Death Insurance,
It is Life Insurance You Do Not Have to Die to Use.

  • The Parent is paying themselves rather than the school or a bank; leaving the decision to what level, if any at all, do they want to address their students college education cost.
  • A Solution for the rising cost of education by providing Income tax-deferred growth of cash values and income tax-free access to cash values through contract loans 1, so more of your money pays for college not taxes.
  • Policy cash values have 3 interest-crediting Strategies, which accumulate on a tax-deferred basis to assist in the management and/or repayment of loan debt if needed or desired. (Early Withdrawal from "The Provider" may incur surrender charges).
  • The owner controls the cash accumulation Account - Owner retains control over withdrawals, so they decide if and how the money is used - even when the student reaches legal age. This feature differs from custodial accounts where control over the money automatically transfers to the child when he or she reaches legal age.
  • Policy Loans may be treated as income under certain conditions. Guarantees are dependent upon claims paying ability of the insurer.
  • Any adult can contribute to an established policy - including parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends.
  • There are no income restrictions or residency requirements on who can contribute.
  • Flexible options to meet your unique needs.
  • Transferable among family members: If your child decides not to attend college, you can use the cash accumulation in your account for another family member, including siblings, your spouse, and even yourself.
  • Ability to use your cash accumulated funds at public and private colleges, community colleges, and graduate schools nationwide - and even abroad institutions.
  • Use your cash accumulation for tuition as well as related expenses such as books, supplies, required fees, and room and board expenses or for loan debt management if needed or for any other use desired.
  • Your cash accumulation does not affect your FAFSA. It is an IRS approved insurance graded vehicle that will not increase your Expected Family Contribution unlike investment graded instruments such as stock, mutual funds, etc...
  • At no cost to you it will pay 2% of the face amount of the policy contract as calculated to equal the cost of college each month if diagnosed Chronically Ill*.
  • At no cost to you it will accelerate and pay 100% of the face amount of the policy contract as calculated to equal the cost of college if diagnosed Terminally Ill*.
  • At no cost to you it will pay a lump sum benefit into policy equal to 3 months premium after 3 months of continuous unemployment.
  • Can provide waiver of your monthly premium contribution due to disability. Up to your CTP (Six Month Elimination Period).
  • The face amount of the policy contract is calculated to equal the cost of college to take care of any possible loan liquidation needs or lack of funding that would result from the loss of life.
  • The Purchase or participation in “The Provider" Equity Indexed Universal life policy contract is not required for eligibility for student services or loans offered through NCFS.

*All accelerated benefits are discounted at the time of acceleration for interest, mortality and lost premiums. Receipt of accelerated benefits may be a taxable event and may affect your eligibility for public assistance. Please consult your personal tax advisor to determine the tax status of any benefits paid under this rider and with social service agencies concerning how receipt of such a payment will affect you, your spouse and your family’s eligibility for public assistance.

The Provider Universal Life Insurance contracts (Form No. 8212) are issued by Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, Dallas, Texas.


We are seeking managers and agent representatives to assist in establishing our services throughout the USA. If a career of helping people help themselves interests you, review some of our company benefit highlights:

  • See clients by appointment only in office
  • Consumer-driven need with wide-open potential 
  • Approximately 15 million students desperately need help
  • Weekly paid compensation / vested
  • Yearly convention trips
  • Monthly E & O Plan
  • Client generation system 

Contact us via mail, phone, fax or e-mail with any questions, comments, or suggestions and we will respond promptly.

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