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Now more than ever NCFS is becoming the Preferred way to attend college!

"NCFS have the big picture perspective and facilitate for the student/families an understanding of the financial aid process. The assistance is personable (one on one), and professional in nature. The staff is knowledgeable in the world of college funding. They make sense out of the complicated issue, and provide a who, what, why, when and how philosophy to financial aid."

High School Counselor and Parent Lon Ballum 

"It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to highly recommend the services of National College Funding Services. There is no better place to go to obtain the help that is essential in financing a college education. We are very thankful that we do not have to walk this road alone, but have their expertise and resources to draw upon."

Michael & Ruth Romig 

"The amount of advice and support we have received, at no cost to us, has been incredible. NCFS has counseled our children in regard to financial responsibility, made scholarship information available to them, helped us in completing loan forms, and advised us on matters concerning the FAFSA. We would highly recommend them to anyone with children about to enter college no matter what their financial situation may be." 

Paula Swartz

"I think the purchase of the NCFS program is a great investment into the future of our three children. It really takes the stress out of wondering how we could finance a college education. We're at the late hour and hadn't really given it much thought until now. It's great being informed about the many avenues that are available."

Linda Gilley

"I think it's a GREAT program for families who are in need of help. It gives students a chance to start making their dream of an education come true. It also teaches us to budget, not only on this loan, but also on general purpose."

B. Kate Lewis

"The purchase of this program means that my children can go to the college of their choice. I will not have to worry about where the money will come from or how I will get the money to send them. Now we can all be at ease and they can get the education they need for today's living ." 

Denise B. Brown

"In focusing on my son's education, the financial part of it, I feel a relief. Finances is always a big issue...I have been informed on the terms and policy of the materials given me." 

Sandra G. Webb

I think this program is Wonderful! It's the only possible way I would be able to get my daughter, Nikki, through school." 

Kandice Johnson

"NCFS "Cap" will help to provide my children with chances to be whatever they would want to be."

Johna K. Smith 

"What a relief! We don't have to worry about college expenses. Thank you!" 

Pam Bryan 

"The NCFS 'CAP' services were terrific. I recommend them to everyone struggling with their financial aid. They are professional and knowledgeable." 

Arry Croll