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National College Funding Services is a national college planning organization that provides a comprehensive range of educational services. Our education specialists help students and parents through every phase of college planning - from selecting a college, estimating expenses to finding available scholarships and grants, securing financing up to the cost of education, regardless of income and assets. The information offered by NCFS proves invaluable to students who are committed to attending and graduating from college.

Our concept of "service" is not only to provide the student with available funds needed to attend the college of their choice, but to prepare both the student and parents with a planned program that makes the entire education process easy and rewarding.

From years of experience, we recognize that saving and planning for a college education is one of the most stressful life events a family will ever encounter.

As a community service organization, we are very proud of each student seeking to continue their education. We are helping to educate the next generation of America’s youth, and will carry this tradition into the next millennium. Serving you and finding solutions for your college financial concerns is what we are all about.

National College Funding Services works with public and private school systems, church groups, youth clubs, associations and banks throughout the country in making information available to concerned students and parents.

Our company's goal is to ensure that every child wishing to acquire a college education will not be turned down due to a lack of information or proper funding. NCFS's three-part turnkey solution has helped thousands of students across this nation get into, through, and out of college.

We urge you to contact us for your free college planning survey and funding analysis. Office interviews may be scheduled Monday through Friday - 8:00 AM -8:00 PM. Special weekend scheduling is also available.

Our professional staff awaits the opportunity to assist your family.