About NCFS
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Helping People Help Themselves

Our company goal is to ensure that every child in America wishing to acquire a college education will not be turned down due to a lack of information or proper funding... and now through National College Funding Services’ unique concept approach to college planning this mission is being accomplished.

NCFS has been in the business of helping to make education goals become a reality since 1990.

We believe everyone does not have to go to college, but everyone deserves a chance.

Education Specialists That: 

  • Help by Planning, Providing and Protecting a Planned Path for College Admission 
  • Assist with the College Admission time line
  • Maximize your eligibility for scholarships, grants and other funding.
  • Walk students and Parents through the maze of choices, deadlines and decisions  

Parents' Assets Are Not At Risk:

  • Parents' money not lost if student quits school.
  • Baton of responsibility is passed to student.
  • Home, assets and retirement funds not collateralized.