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Whether it’s choosing the right college, navigating through the federal loan process, finding scholarships, or identifying sources of supplemental financing - we make the education planning process easy and rewarding.    


Personal Counseling and Assessment Services 

The service will not only help you get all the answers you need, but will also help guide you through the college planning process.


 1) Provide Assessment Test availability for state-of-the-art profiling that will help you pinpoint your strongest work-related interests.

The #1 online personality assessment Used by Fortune 500 companies, counseling professionals, and major universities. This is a world-class personal assessment that identifies your true motivations toward work and allows you to match yourself to job categories to see where you best fit.

The state-of-the-art profiling software will ask you a series of questions that represent important skills and abilities. Your scores will help you pinpoint your strongest work-related interests and guide you to the occupations that will most satisfy those interests. The free report identifies the "Big 5" traits and your "Primary" career areas. The questionnaire takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete and you don't have to complete it all in one sitting.

You will also be provided access to IQ testing that works well when used together with the personality assessment. Additionally, the employment personality test will give you a detailed report on what career fields might offer you the best choices for your strengths.


2) Help with Your "College Major Choices"

Choosing a college major is one of the most important decisions a student makes, but you needn't lose sleep over it. Begin by asking yourself some key questions. If you aren't sure, we can provide useful advice on college and university majors that a high school senior or first year college student with your interests and achievements might do well in. Here's how it works the program analyzes your data and suggests six majors to think about because they match your interests and high school experience. This program gives you more information about what these majors are, what types of courses you would take to get a degree and what jobs are available to graduates with this major.


3)  Help you decide what will be Your Career by guiding you to the occupations that will most satisfy those interests.

What is your childhood dream? To become a Doctor, Teacher or Architect? It's never too late to become whatever you dream. They say that if you can't make a decision, then you probably don't have all the information. When it comes to choosing a career, a lot of factors may impact your decision, including daily duties, salary, and future demand. The Career Test will help match you with careers that most accurately complement your interests and educational choices.


4) Provide a College Search so you can discover your perfect fit. The first step in selecting a school is to know what's important to you.

Search over 7,000 accredited colleges, universities, community colleges and trade schools offering undergraduate degree and certificate programs in the United States. The first step in selecting a school is to know what's important to you. Keep in mind that your specific educational requirements for the career you're considering will play an important role in your decision.

A section offers help in sorting your priorities, learning about the different types of schools, and specialized information for returning adults and minority students.

This program will provide students with a fast and easy way to find, compare and contact schools and colleges. A provided unified directory information including email, website, phone and address in one convenient place. 

The College Search Tool allows you to search for a college by degree, location, size, private vs. public college and more.


5) College is expensive, but you can find ways to make it affordable through our provided Scholarship & Grant sources.

No matter who you are, there’s money to help you pay for college. College is expensive, but you can find ways to make it affordable.

National Data Bases - Gain unlimited access to up-to-date databases with millions of scholarship awards. Find out about the latest scholarship programs, scholarship tips, and scholarship news! This program delivers accurate and timely search results that have been filtered and customized to match unique user profiles. Also obtain time-saving customized scholarship application request letters and download some scholarship applications directly from our site. Receive search results tailored to your specific needs, hobbies, interests, and academic background. These databases have been carefully crafted, resulting in sophisticated search tools and data management systems that make them unequaled in the scholarship search domain. No other search service will deliver faster, more tailored search results than these sites.

If college funding is what you are looking for, the best way to begin is to answer a few questions about your qualifications, skills, talents and abilities. These Scholarship search engines will help you find numerous scholarship opportunities that are right for you.

State financial aid programs - When researching financial aid, you want to consider all of your options. That includes financial aid opportunities close to home. There are some unique state-based financial aid initiatives that could make it easier to cut college expenses. Certain states now offer programs through which qualifying students can get free tuition for schools in their state.

Government Grants - Site allows organizations to electronically find and apply for more than $400 billion in Federal grants. This is the single access point for over 1,000 grant programs offered by all Federal grant making agencies.

Sport Scholarships - Sports and athletic scholarships. College coaches can't recruit you if they don't know you're out there. Scholarships for all sports. The do-it-yourself system leads you through the sports scholarship maze without expensive consulting fees.

College Grants - is your place to find grants for college. Search this FREE database of over 1.7 million scholarships worth over $7 billion. Find government, private, minority, athletic, and more grants.

You can search for college grant money by creating an online profile for your grant search. This information helps us to find the grants that you are eligible for

Military Scholarships - Find millions of dollars in scholarships and grants exclusively for the military community!


6) Subscription to the NCFS College Talk Newsletter.

Each edition is grade specific and encourages direction and action on a particular issue by the student


7) ACT & SAT Test Prep Information.


8) Resume, Essay, and Letter of Recommendation Assistance.


9) Help for all you need to know about completing the FAFSA.