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A College Education     

Four points related to the risk and debt management liabilities always created through borrowing and through funding a college education:

  1. Regardless of where one receives the necessary financial assistance to attend college, repayment help will be needed. 
  2. We also know that to loan anyone $20, 30, 40 or 50,000 dollars to attend college…puts the borrower in serious debt. 
  3. Anyone borrowing money today has a need and a desire to become a responsible borrower.
  4. Your child has a right to a good education, but it's going to take money to exercise that right.

College Makes "Cents"   

The only thing that costs more than a college education…is the lack of one.

Why You Need Help  in Planning Ahead  for College Cost:

  • College is expensive... up to $35,000 a year or more for a first rank university ( even state-supported and economy colleges are $10,000 a year and up).
  • College is essential if your children are to face the world ahead with all the success skills demanded by our information age.
  • College costs are outpacing inflation, so the college that’s costly today will be stratospheric tomorrow. Only by planning today can you meet tomorrow’s challenge.
  • Planning how? Planning what? We can help you answer these questions.
  • The cost of college is not a tuition problem; it is a retirement problem... unless you carry out effective strategies now. How old will you be when your last child is through college and all your retirement savings have gone to college cost? When planning your retirement Consider: there are many lenders eager to lender you money for college— but who would lend you money for retirement? Saving your retirement from ruin is where we come in.  

NCFS' Turnkey Three-Part Solution   

Part I - We will become a one stop resource for your Personal Counseling and Assessment Services. All the information, advice and assistance needed to tackle the daunting task of college planning. These services will not only help in identifying and estimating those needs but will also help to significantly reduce the Cost and Stress in acquiring a students college education.

    • What do we do and where do we start?
    • What are the deadlines?
    • What is the students responsibility?
    • What is the parents responsibility?
    • Which college should I attend?
    • What is the best career for me to pursue?
    • Am I eligible for any free money, grants or other scholarships?

Part II - Is where we will help you evaluate the various options you have about your Federal Student Loan Entitlements, Eligibility, Options and Alternative Financing through private lending institutions.

Part III - Is where we provide you the Financial Solutions to the all the Risk & Debt Management liabilities created in funding a college education.